acting in film

In high school, I acted in several of my school's TV productions and student films, including a film called 'The Founding' which I wrote, directed, and scored. Acting is a huge passion of mine and I would love to continue that to some degree throughout my life.

My dream job position

If I were to chose one dream job, it would be composing music for movies, TV, and video games. I have scored multiple films for our school's student film competition. I won the award for best original score for a film we made called 'Duffle', which uses genres like smooth jazz and funk to help the film achieve a suave yet comedic energy. For our film 'Captured,' I used multiple musical motifs to compliment the film's theme, one of which being the classic death motif 'Dies Irae' alluding to the film's psycho-thriller plot. For my film 'The Founding' which I wrote and co-directed, I covered many classic songs I thought fit with different sections of the story. This is definitely my passion that I hope to pursue the rest of my life. 

Film Scoring and composition