Ratatouille the tiktok musical

In late October 2020, an internet meme entered TikTok and completely took the users by storm. The meme was a hypothetical musical adaptation of the 2007 Pixar film 'Ratatouille', a movie about a culinary rat genius helping a struggling chef cook at the finest restaurant in Paris. This meme evolved from a small internet joke into a full on, imaginary production with songs, choreography, costumes, make-up, and EVERYTHING in between. I decided to upload a Tango-style training song to the app featuring the clumsy chef Linguini and his love interest, Collette. This video ended up being viewed and listened to almost 10 million cumulative times on TikTok, and over 50 thousand times on YouTube. This song caught the attention of Brad Bird, the original director of the Ratatouille movie, and Patton Oswalt, acting legend and original voice of Remy the rat, among other celebrities. I uploaded another Ratatouille song just weeks later called "The Rat's Way of Life", an ensemble heavy number sung by Remy's brother Emile, about eating trash (as most rats do.) This song got the same amount, if not more attention from users on TikTok. 

In early December, Seaview Productions, a prominent Broadway production company, along with Disney/Pixar, received the greenlight for a one night charity event of "Ratatouille the Musical" featuring 11 songs written by TikTok creators, two of which are mine. The cast of this event includes Broadway Superstars and Tony award winners such as Kevin Chamberlin, Andrew Barth Feldman, Adam Lambert, Andre De Shields, Ashley Park, and so many more, all singing songs written and composed by yours truly. 

full length ratatouille songs

Written, Composed, and Produced by Blake Rouse